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Common Form Errors

These are the different errors that WFF might raise after analyzing your form. If the HTML form supplied by you contains any number of these errors, you will be prompted to correct them before WFF is able to generate the form backend code for you.

1. Missing FORM tags
All html forms require an opening form tag to denote the beginning of the form area and a closing form tag to denote the end of the form. All html inputs should be placed between those two form tags. If you are using a WYSIWYG HTML editor such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage, these should have toolbar buttons that insert the FORM tags for you visually. You can also take a look at the WFF introduction video to see how a FORM tag can be inserted from Dreamweaver

Form tags look like this:

html inputs are placed here

2. Duplicate names
All html inputs must have unique names, so as to make sure they can collect data properly. For example, if you have 2 checkboxes named “CheckBox”, WFF will raise an error saying that it duplicate names. If you change the names from “CheckBox” to “CheckBox1” and “CheckBox2”, WFF will not raise any error.

3. Missing name attribute
All html inputs must have a name attribute that is unique for that particular form. This allows the information collected by each input to be uniquely identified by the backend code. Make sure all your html inputs have a name=”” attribute. If you’re using an HTML editor to create your form visually (for e.g Frontpage or Dreamweaver), the inputs are usually given a default value. For example, all checkboxes will be given a name “Checkbox”. If you do not modify the default names, you will get a “Duplicate Names” error. See #2 above.


<input type='text' name='textbox'/>

<select name='dropdownlist'> <option value='1'>option1</option> <option value='2'>option2</option>
<input type='checkbox' name='checkbox' value='checkboxvalue'/>

4 Missing/Incorrect Submit button
Upon submission of your webform, WFF checks that the form contains a proper submit button. A proper submit button looks something like this:

<input type='submit' value='submit' name='submit'/>
If your form doesn’t have one, WFF will raise an error and ask you to place a submit button in your form.

5. Missing validation errors tag

<wff:validation_errors />

This new tag was introduced in WFF 0.1.3 and is required in all forms submitted to WFF. This tag tells WFF where you want error messages to be displayed on your form. Since the location and look/feel of error messages are an integral part of the form design, we felt it was necessary to let you choose where you’d like them to appear on your form.

Thus, you can place the tag in between

tags to customize the looks (font/color) as well as the position of your error messages.

i’m trying to get a contact form using your services. i made all the steps to get the e-mail version of the contact form. i have upload all the files and change configuration, but when i test the form, i recived this error mesage:
Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /contacto.html.
what should i do to solve this error?
thank you

Andres Mary    Oct 15, 09:09 PM    #

Hey, I’ve used WFF a couple of times now and it has been really great!
However, I’ve just done a much more complicated form and when I put it online i get the following error message:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ’,’ or ’)’ in c:\domains\citygateway.org.uk\wwwroot\testform\forms\form.coursename1.php on line 855

I tried writing this line here but most of it disappeared!

Do you know how to fix it as I don’t really understand php yet!?

Many thanks in advance


Joe    Apr 17, 05:36 AM    #
  Textile Help