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Improved Setup

/written 3925 days ago/

The PHP Object library which lies under and powers Web Form Factory is, as mentioned on our blog, “POG” (PHP Object Generator). Recently a new version of POG was released and provides the user with a better Setup experience. Since WFF uses the latest POG version, this means that all webforms which are generated through WFF will also provide a better setup experience.

To see what the WFF Setup process is, take a look at this video

The improvements include automatic alignment of database table with a generated form. For instance, if you decide at some point to add a new field to your form, you simply need to regenerate the backend code and re-run setup. Once setup is complete, your new form is ready to collect data. There is no need to manually modify any database tables by adding or removing columns.

The easies way to experience the improvements is to generate a simple form and give it a try. You’ll see for yourself.

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This is a weblog about the Web Form Factory (WFF) project and webforms in general.

Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically creates and binds the backend code for any form it is provided with.

WFF is based on the POG project, another open source code generator

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