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Improved validation

/written 3372 days ago/

After some feedback, we’ve improved the webform generation process by detecting invalid input names. Inputs names that have invalid characters (non-alphanumeric) are now flagged and the form is Not generated until these errors are corrected.

Hopefully, this should make WebFormFactory more intuitive to use.

Let us know, if you have any other suggestions for improving our generator on our Google group

Great Site. I will be sending my new webdesigners here. Great work!

Megan    Aug 21, 10:39 PM    #

I need to develop a bunch of very similiar forms for different staff in my organization.
Each form uses its own table, just a flat file with fields for subject,
text to be displayed, text to be entered, and a couple of check boxes.

Since this is a flat file, I also need a screen with a grid on it.

However, I need my staff to log in (I have two tables I currently use,

Passwords with one entry per staff user permission with fields for Passwords.User, as well as TableName and Role (Role is either Read or Write.)

The big probelm is that I need something that con provide log in—it doesn’t have to be secure…
and it must have record locking.

Can you help???

I have purchase and consulting funds avaialbe if needed.

Jim Harris    Oct 8, 08:50 PM    #
  Textile Help
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This is a weblog about the Web Form Factory (WFF) project and webforms in general.

Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically creates and binds the backend code for any form it is provided with.

WFF is based on the POG project, another open source code generator

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