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How WFF works

/written 4040 days ago/

WFF is a simple application which binds html forms to a database. WFF analyzes the html file you supply and identifies all the common input types it contains: Text fields, Drop down lists, Checkboxes, Radio buttons & Textareas. Once all the input types have been detected, WFF performs some validation tests on them.

The validation tests ensures that enough information is contained within the html form to allow WFF to bind the inputs properly. Therefore, the validation tests include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Checking that all inputs have appropriate names
  2. Checking that the html file contains FORM tags as well as a SUBMIT button
  3. Checking that all inputs are properly formed.

If all the tests pass, WFF binds them to a database by adding the required backend PHP code and returns the form back to the you in a zip file.

All that’s left to be done is upload the form onto your server and your form is then able to collect information.

Essentially, WFF does the work a PHP developer would normally perform once a designer is done designing the look and feel of a webform. If you’re usually doing both the design and development work behind your form(s), WFF cuts your work in half.

A short video example of how WFF works can be downloaded here


simply wonderful! this is exactly what i’ve been dreaming of ever since i started doing web design!
Long live WFF!

Jean    Apr 11, 07:04 PM    #
  Textile Help
About WFF

This is a weblog about the Web Form Factory (WFF) project and webforms in general.

Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically creates and binds the backend code for any form it is provided with.

WFF is based on the POG project, another open source code generator

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