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WFF source code location

/written 4237 days ago/

If you’re a WFF enthusiast interested in extending/improving WFF or installing the web form factory on your own machine, you can access the WFF source code either from:

The WFF Sourceforge project page
The WFF Subversion Repository (username:guest, no password)

The main difference between the 2 repositories is that we generally update the code on Sourceforge only when there’s a significant release.

The Subversion repository, on the other hand, is updated more regularly and contains the latest revision of WFF. If you want the latest and greatest and don’t mind if things haven’t been tested fully, then the subversion code is for you.

To download from Subversion, you’ll need svn (for most Unix-based systems, including OS X), or Tortoise SVN (Windows)

To download the sourcecode using svn
svn—username guest export path-to-your-directory-for-pog

To download the sourcecode using Tortoise
In Windows Explorer, right-click on a directory, and select TortoiseSVN->Export
For URL of repository, use
(username:guest, no password)

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About WFF

This is a weblog about the Web Form Factory (WFF) project and webforms in general.

Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically creates and binds the backend code for any form it is provided with.

WFF is based on the POG project, another open source code generator

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