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Currently testing Form Validation

/written 3909 days ago/

We’re currently testing a long-awaited feature before we roll it out: Generation of form validation code. You can certainly give it a test too, if you’d like, at

How it works
Most of the time, whenever you have a form, there are certain input fields that you’d like to make mandatory. WFF 0.1.3 will let you easily specify which fields are mandatory within your form simply by adding an asterisk (*) within a corresponding label tag.

For example, if you have a textfield named “first_name”, then if you have a label which looks like this (notice the *) within the supplied html form:

<label for="first_name">First Name *</label>

Then, the form generated by WFF will contain code which will make sure the form is not submitted until this particular field is filled. Of course you can make all the fields within the form mandatory by adding asterisks to each field label.

Preserving input
That’s not all. Let’s say the user partially fills in your form and forgets 1 or 2 mandatory fields. Upon submit, the user will receive a message saying that all mandatory fields haven’t been completed. The form will, however, remember and preserve the values that have been filled so that the user doesn’t have to fill them again. This works for all common inputs such as textfields, password fields, checkboxes, drop down lists and radio buttons.

Other improvements
Other improvements in 0.1.3 include better form validation upon generation. WFF will now detect if your form doesn’t have a proper submit button. This was added based on previous feedback in our Google Group

More to Come
We have some ideas on how to make automatic generation of form validation code even more useful and simple, but we can’t tell you just yet. Stay tuned for some more improvements coming up and a big thanks to everyone using WFF!

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Web Form Factory is an open source web form generator which automatically creates and binds the backend code for any form it is provided with.

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